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November 19, 2006

Well, Caitlin is learning the art of passing the blame. Recently she has been showing us her "boo-boos" more often. She comes lumbering over to me, or Daddy, or sister Emmie, crying "owie, owie." I ask her, "Do you have a boo-boo?" In her deep, grouchy voice, she grumbles and points to the point of her "owie." "How did that happen?" I ask. She has begun to religiously reply, "Coie"... pointing at our 6 month old Golden Retriever, Chloe. No matter what the actual cause of her "boo-boo" is, she religiously answers, "Coieee, bad, Coiee!"

Wait, that's not the height of it....

So I am sitting in the rocker, beside my bed, getting ready to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to our sweet cheeked terror for the 176th time. I open the book to the title page, and I hear Caitie growl out "Kahla" "Kahla" and point anxiously at the page. Since, after hours of previous detective work, I had translated "Kahla" to "color", I quickly glance down at the page and see scribbles everywhere. I roll my eyes as a flashback of seeing Caitlin running around with the book and a crayon earlier comes back to me. Caitie continues on, in her gutteral tone, "nawnny! nawnny!" "Yes, Caitlin, that was naughty. We only color on paper," I gently reprimanded. "Who did that?" Without even a hiccup, she replies, "Emmie!"

I almost fell off the chair laughing. Not even 2 and she is already blaming her sister for her crimes!

So, the next day... yeah, it gets even better... she comes up to Daddy with a pudding-covered grin and a shirt to match... Daddy says, "Look at that messy shirt! Was that pudding yummy?" "Yahhh," she blathers back. "Who made that mess?" Daddy asks teasingly. (Who do you think did it?) As though it was planned, she sings out, "Mommy!"

What a CREEP! (Picture me, eating pudding- taking bites, and alternately swiping my pudding-soaked face across her shirt!) ha!

February 19, 2006

Caitlin stories pile up day after day... I have to find the time to record the whole crib tent incident, as well as the Rossini's episode... (note to self)


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