Monday, November 14, 2005

Things I learned today:


That's more than enough for one day!


  • Make a point to make others laugh and smile, even (and especially) when they are so neck deep in the bureaucracy of meetings., that they can't remember how to smile. It will help everyone remember that what really is important is enjoying life, each other and what we do.

  • & h e a r t s; (with no spaces) makes a heart online! I ♥ fun tricks! (emily2, youdraw)

  • It's really fun to lay back in the bathtub and kick your feet up and down as hard as you can... but remember to close the curtain first. (caitlin, 22 mo's)

    2/18/06 When potty training a toddler, don't forget that their diaper is NOT on before you sit them in your lap, and try to type an email... I don't think I will tend to forget this one again...


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